The Northside/North Side is the definition of community. It’s the heart. It’s a degree of relativity. Small but mighty. A micro lifeology. Historical and astute. Our only cardinal direction is the lake. The Northside is our home. When our voices come together we don’t all sound the same, but that’s what tells more of our story. We are a mix of ages and races, built on strong traditions, diverse cultures, and inimitable characters. Nothing is black and white, though it’s never gray either. Vibrant colors paint our streets and define our neighborhoods. We have shared curiosities for how to better tomorrow. After all, we are tomorrow. It is us who seize the moment. Every moment. We stop, we think. We think, we observe. We hold our heads high. Our skin is thick. We’ve seen some shit. Some are born and raised, others are freshmen. We are hazed by change and enlightened by experience. Small businesses mark our corners. We welcome the new and embrace the old. Abandonment is opportunity, and opportunity is wonderful. Head home towards the lake.