We are a blend of our surroundings. Sometimes micro in square feet, always macro in detail. Our style is authentic. Simple, approachable and never flashy. We take pride in our work, the way we dress and continue to better than we were yesterday. After all, yesterday is not today. And today is not tomorrow. But tomorrow is almost tomorrow and we’re fucking psyched. We are described as people on the go. Entrepreneurs of our craft. Change agents. Model residents. Creatures of habit. Individuals who seek immediate reactions regardless of their consequences. Our decisions are thoughtful. Meticulous and direct. We know what we want and we will do it with purpose. Satisfaction is healthy and to feel healthy is correct. We run at the speed of our incline. Walk with our heads high. Backwards lunge with the intent to move forward. We are light on our feet. Sharp in the water. Amphibians to the core. We win gold medals in doggy paddling. Our freestyle game is melodic. Abrupt. Powerful. Drop a beat and watch what we do. Now excuse us, we have a train to catch.

We make every effort to ensure that all information is correct before publication. However, mistakes do happen. We post corrections to stories as soon as they become available. Corrections are listed by issue and page number.

ISS. 2 | PG. 18

They design buildings / Concrete columns 

ISS. 2 | PG. 18

The architectural principles

ISS. 2 | PG.58

Phil Thompson

ISS. 2 | Foldout Map | Last Panel

The Milwood 

ISS.2 | The Anti-Guide | PG. 10

Ras Dashen Ethopian 

ISS.2  | PG. 73

Lester Rey

ISS.2 | The Anti-Guide | PG. 14

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